free food


free food is an open-source protocol and an emergent artwork to explore alternative food systems. through gift economics, mutual aid, and self-sovereign community building, this protocol experiments with the de-commodification of food systems. inviting a return to backyard & sidewalk gardens and the sharing of their abundance, these communal redistribution practices reconnect us to the land and to each other. Past offerings have included homegrown herbs & produce, meals, saved seeds, seedlings, and gleaned citrus. 


save seeds in the garden and give them away to your friends.

visit a local nursery and ask what they do with the plants they cannot sell- ask if they would be open to donate them instead. request permission to redistribute them at a yoga studio, library or community center.

for your next meal, cook double the amount- package up the extra in saved, clean to-go containers and offer to unhoused neighbors.

sprout seedlings from saved seeds and gift them to neighbors, or request to distribute them from a local community center.

put up a flier asking neighbors to donate unused citrus and redistribute them from a local community center.

host a monthly produce swap in your neighborhood.

grow food and share it.